Home Office ADU: 9 Benefits Of Working in your Backyard

May 23, 2022

With 58.6 percent of Americans working remotely, this “new normal” isn’t going away any time soon. After all, 77 percent of people who work remotely say that their productivity is better at home. But like most things in life, working from home can have its ups and downs. 

While productivity and morale can improve at home, there’s also more potential for distractions. It can be harder to find peace and quiet if you’re working in a space where everyone you live with is also trying to get things done. That’s why having a separate space for work can be so important. A home office accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can introduce an entirely separate workspace while still eliminating a commute. (Well, unless you count the short walk to your backyard office as a “commute.”) 

Is an ADU a good investment?

In short, yes! There are many reasons why ADUs are a good investment, including the value they add to your property. While how much value an ADU adds can vary depending on where you live, in California, where they’re especially prominent, they can add roughly $470 per square foot to your property’s value. This extra square footage is a big plus in the housing market, especially when it comes time to sell.

ADUs can also create opportunities for passive rental income if you rent it out to tenants. They’re also a great choice for housing aging parents, which is why you’ll sometimes hear them called “granny flats.” And, of course, you can use your ADU as an office space.

What is a home office ADU?

A home office ADU is an office space located somewhere outside your main living space. Instead of using a room in your house as an office, you’ll have an entirely different area for work. 

A home office works especially well in a detached ADU (DADU) since this structure shares no walls with your house. A DADU is a free-standing structure in the backyard of your property with private amenities such as an eating area and bathroom. This way, you can very literally clock in and out of your home office ADU, reinforcing a separation between your home life and work life. 

9 benefits of a home office ADU

The extra square feet are just one of many ADU home office benefits. Below are nine more to explore before you get your unit started.

1. Minimizes distractions

A blue basket of laundry
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Working from home – in the same space you live in – can distract you in all kinds of ways. Maybe you haven’t cleaned that one closet in a while, or maybe you’d rather watch TV. Home chores and entertainment can easily fuel your penchant for procrastination if you let them. So keep your home life out of sight and out of mind. 

2. Allows for privacy 

All proper ADUs, whether detached or attached, include a separate entryway. With a DADU, you have a standalone unit that allows for ultimate privacy. You can go further too – say, soundproofing your ADU for maximum peace. Ultimately, your ADU home office design is up to you. But regardless of those finishing touches, an ADU home office removed from the main house allows for greater solitude. 

3. Introduces financial benefits

The financial benefits of an ADU go beyond increasing your property value and introducing the chance to earn passive rental income. You can also claim tax deductions for using the space as a home office. These deductions include home expenses that you need in your office space, such as utilities and maintenance. Consult with your accountant to confirm that your home office qualifies. If it does, this is another way for you to maximize the value of your ADU.

4. Enhances work-life balance

Working from home can boost your work-life balance since you save time commuting to and from work. This extra time can be a double-edged sword because you now have more time to remain plugged into work when you should be unplugged. That’s why a home office that’s detached from your house can be so important. It can allow you to keep home and work truly separate while still reaping the benefits of not commuting. 

5. Offers more for your home office 

Your office is your space, so you should design it to your liking, and ADUs can make that easier. If you’ve always wanted a desk facing big, open windows for maximum natural light, ADUs can offer that. If you want an accent wall in the main area for creative inspiration, well, it’s entirely your ADU – paint it how you please. Creating your own office space means getting closer to your exact vision. 

6. Includes smart storage options

Bedroom from Spacials One Bedroom ADU
Photo by Spacial

When working with a smaller space like an ADU, there are clever ways to store everything you need without accumulating clutter. When you choose Spacial as your ADU partner, we build these smart storage solutions into every unit. Our custom-made, built-in wooden shelves allow you to store your books in one place while presenting an organized, attractive appearance. 

7. Incorporates an eating area and bathroom for optimal comfort 

All proper ADUs have an eating area and a bathroom. That means you can stay away from the main house without having to pop back in for lunch or a bathroom break. Your office space will have everything you need to get the job done. Plus, it adds a little extra comfort when you can open the fridge for a cold drink or check the cabinets for a midday snack. 

8. Creates separate space for seeing clients 

Maybe your work involves communicating with clients. With a home office ADU, you’ll have a space to see your clients in private. You won’t have to worry about meeting at a restaurant or renting a space to speak with them face-to-face. And since it’s your space, you can make the environment comfortable and inviting for your guests. 

9. Increases productivity

You might naturally be more productive working from home, and you can make the most of that in an ADU that’s all yours. For starters, a simple lighting change can enhance your productivity – harnessing natural light in the workplace can improve your productivity levels. All Spacial ADUs optimize for natural light and prioritize open and airy spaces. Say goodbye to dreary fluorescents and unproductive workdays – and hello to your home office sanctuary.

Embrace working from home 

Bedroom area in Spacials Studio ADU
Photo by Spacial

Make the most of your remote working experience with a home office ADU. You’ll keep your home life and work life separate while still enjoying all the perks of working in your own space. And building an ADU in your backyard is also an investment in the value of your property. So really, it’s a win-win! 

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and you’re interested in building a home office ADU, contact Spacial to get started. At Spacial, we can install a move-in-ready, airy, and open DADU in under a year. It’s our mission to make your space work for you.